Outstanding Guide to Drive traffic from StumbleUpon to your Blog

With people getting more and more addicted to social networking websites, almost every online business is taking support from them. We already written some outstanding guides to drive traffic from various social networking sites. This list includes some suuccessful ideas to drive traffic from big social networking guns like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

How to Drive traffic from StumbleUpon

drive traffic from stumbleuponIt has been more than a decade that another social networking website Stumbleupon has become very popular all around the world. In countries like US, more traffic towards blogs is driven by Stumbleupon as compared to that coming from Facebook and Twitter. The truth is that Stumbleupon can do wonders in driving a lot of traffic towards your blog. So here are the few ways to drive traffic from Stumbleupon to your blog / sites.

Join Stumbleupon

The first step is to become a proud stumbler. The key is to make use of all the elements of Stumbleupon and this is not possible until you join Stumbleupon. Make regular use of the “Stumble” button present on your task bar to discover and navigate through various web pages.

Depending on your profile and type of interests, Stumbleupon will help you in delivering high quality articles, videos and images. The more you vote and share, the more people will get to know about you and your blog. Also, do not forget to share, like and follow pages that are similar to yours. This will help in creating a network of blogs that interests you. Hence a chain reaction starts where people will read and share your posts, further enhancing the traffic towards your blog.

Make use of Stumbleupon Badges

Using the Stumbleupon badges is another great way of increasing the traffic towards your blog. This badge makes readers to share, like, comment and submit your pages for other people to notice and read your content.

The good news is that there is no need for any extra coding. All you need to do is simply copy and paste the badge onto your page. In case you want to customize your badges, you can use the API of Stumbleupon website. This will help in creating more appropriate badges for your site. These badges are a great way of telling people about the number of stumbles your site has got, the number of submissions, etc.

Follow fellow, like-minded stumblers

Luckily, the users on Stumbleupon are clustered together depending on their interest, preferences and stumbles. After a series of stumbles and likes that you get, people will start recognizing you and this will land you in the network of stumblers with similar interest and preferences.

In some time, Stumbleupon will recognise you and your similar Stumblers and hence your content will be made available to the mass audience on Stumbleupon.

You can start follow fellow game by following me on StumbleUpon.

Submit web pages, in addition to your own

Sticking to your original content is good but will not get you more traffic in the long run. Initially you may want to publish your own written content but what can bring you more traffic is being social. Yes, share posts from other stumblers in discussions and this will help in building a strong social network.

Stumbleupon keeps an eye on your posts and it may even prohibit your account if all you do is share and publish only your own content. Also, this will help you in being in the good books of the website and also to abide within their Terms & Condition.
Create clear and to the point content

The content on your site should be crystal clear for the users to understand. Pages that survive on Stumbleupon are those which make sense and offer a great reading experience to the users. For this purpose, link your page with other great content and hence bring in more traffic towards your blog.

Again, You can start by Submitting this page on StumbleUpon.

Use Paid Discovery for Stumbleupon

It is possible that at times you may not get the desired results from your effort on your Stumbleupon page. In some cases, you may not have the patience to wait for being discovered naturally. But you can definitely speed up the process of being discovered by using Paid Discovery.

Paid Discovery helps in directing traffic directly onto your blog. This speeds up the process of being discovered.

The basic steps in getting Paid Discovery started for your blog is as follows:

  • Enter the URL of your blog
  • Choose appropriate topics
  • Choose your target audience
  • Set a budget that suits you the best
  • Schedule the launch of your plan
  • Add funds via PayPal or credit card to support your plan


StumbleUpon is one of the biggest hidden gems for driving traffic to your blog.  Just, Applying some serious techniques can drive insane traffic from StumbleUpon. We mentioned almost all optimisation and techniques above.

Hope, You liked our posts. All queries are welcome via comments.

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