How to disable Comments in WordPress Sites?

Disable comments in WordPressWordPress is the one of the Most famous and customisable CMS platform in market. WordPress comes with its own Awesome commenting system. This System is one of the most customisable Commenting system and works finely with all type of WordPress Themes.

Disable Comments in WordPress

WordPress commenting system is works like a charm for most of sites. But, sometimes websites doesn’t need comments on its pages and posts. In such case, We need to Disable comments on site. There are few Different methods to Disable commments in WordPress.

Use WordPress Plugins

Easiest way to disable and manage all types of comments in WordPress is by using WordPress Plugin.  There is huge list of comment disabling plugins in WordPress Directory. But, We always recommend Disable Comments Plugin.

Disabling Comments from WordPress Dashboard (Without Using Plugin)

Another way to disable comments in WordPress is by using WordPress dashboard. Below are the few Setting to disable comments.

Disable comments from Upcoming New Posts

For disbling comments for upcoming new posts. Open Discussion tab from setting in WordPress Dashboard ( WordPress Dashboard => Settings => Discussion ).  Now, uncheck box shown before  option and save the settings. This setting will disable comments on all upcoming posts. Also, Pingbacks and trackbacks can be disabled from this page.

Disable comments in wordpress dashboard new posts

Disable Comments from Older Published Post and Pages

For disabling commets for Published posts. Open All posts tab from Posts section in WordPress dashboard ( WordPress Dashboard => Posts => All Posts ). Now, Select all the posts from the list by marking in the box on left side of the post list.  Open Drop dawn menu of Bulk action and select edit option.  Click on Apply.

Now, Box to disable comments from the selected pots will be visible on screen. Just configure comment and pings option to Disable it and update. Same method can be used to disable comments on Published Pages.

Disable comments in WordPress on published posts

Disable Comments From Pages

WordPress doesn’t have any Default option to Disable comments on Pages. But, Few WordPress themes comes with option of Disabling comments in theme option panel.

Also, comments on pages can be disable by removing small piece of code from Page.php file from theme files.

Find and delete “<?php comments_template(); ?>” from Page.php file of your theme.

Disable comments by applying code

Another Method to disable comments in WordPress is by adding some codes in Function.php file of WordPress theme. Just copy the code and paste it in Function.php File.

You can grab the code from post on Dfactory Site.

Final Words

All Easieast and working methods to disable comments are listed above. Hope, this methods are working for you. Don’t forget to comment with queries and errors related to this topics.

Picture Credits :  Premasagar

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